Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

“I would recommend any family with a special needs child to consider Kids Corp.  They have done amazing things for us.  We love our Kids Corp staff.  They are our miracle.”

–The Roberts Family


Kids Corp has been a blessing for Bentley and our family. He has grown so much through the different therapies and in a classroom environment. Bentley was born with Craniosynostosis and had to have cranial surgery at 3 months old. As he grew, we noticed a delay in speech and sought out therapy. We were recommended to Kids Corp by a therapist and we have just watched Bentley flourish there. His social interactions and physical abilities have improved along with speech and classroom development (art, numbers/counting, writing, etc.). Our experience has been wonderful with so many opportunities to improve the success of our child. The staff is so caring and always willing to help and I have definitely recommended this place to other families as well. We are very grateful for Kids Corp and all the opportunities they have provided!

-Megan Brunett (Bentley’s mom)



The year 2013 was a rough year for our family. We noticed our 2 year old boy, Lucas, was behind in developing skills. He was not speaking, walking, or comprehending conversations like he should have been. Our main worries at this stage were his speech, he did not say hi, bye dada, mama, nothing. He was jabbering just like a child half his age would. He also had a lot of frustrations. If he tried to tell us something or could not understand what we were saying he would throw his head into the hardest thing that he could find. As a concerned mother, I made an appointment with his pediatrician who, after examining him, said that he had the action of a child with autism and suggested that we start him in speech and physical therapy.

Mentally, we didn’t know what or how we were going to do all of this. We were completely lost. So we found a facility for pediatric therapy and started to take Lucas there three times a week trying to balance what our child needed and keeping our jobs because of the time that we had to take off work to take him. After about 7 months of therapy at that facility, we were not seeing a whole lot of progression. We were frustrated. Lucas’ father and myself could not take off all this time that was needed to take Lucas to his therapy. He was not getting what he needed. What were we supposed to do?

Thankfully I had a family member that told me about a therapy clinic that just opened in Fayetteville called Kids Corp. She had heard really good things about it’s sister day care in the Rogers area. Running out of options, I called the Monday before Christmas and was excited to hear someone on the other side of the phone who knew exactly what I was going through and was willing to help us through this. She made Lucas an appointment that Wednesday with the school’s physician, who examines the children before starting. She also gave us a packet to fill out during the Christmas break. Of course being so anxious, I filled it out that night and turned it in the next Monday. Lucas started Kids Corp the first Monday of January 2014.

Kids Corp has a Pre-K curriculum and also has all the therapy there at their facility. When Lucas started, he could not speak, had no concentration, and could not comprehend. At the age of two he was functioning between a 6 month old and an 8 month old age range. In almost 3 years, Lucas has surpassed all expectations. He can now comprehend what we are telling/asking him. He can speak enough to get his thoughts translated. It is still a work in progress but he is now speaking equivalent to a 3 year old. He is writing his name and following directions. It is amazing how the teachers, therapists, and staff at this school work with these children. They have been a life saver to me and my family and more so, for Lucas. I truly believe if it wasn’t for them we would not be where we are with our son. He is an amazing boy full of smiles and laughter and this is all because he now can function with society due to the help of Kids Corp.

Yes, we still have our obstacles and always will. Lucas will probably always have speech issues and that’s okay. IT’S OKAY! The therapists at this school have taught us that Lucas is who he is and he will learn at his own pace. He is special and he does need a little more attention than the other children but that’s okay! So they not only help the children but they also help the family and parents understand what your child is going through. The whole staff has been exceptional. If I requested a meeting with teachers or therapists, they are more than happy to set up a time to go over everything with us. This school has become part of our family. Nurses, teachers, therapists, and office staff; we could not have asked for better. Lucas has now been going to Kids Corp for almost 3 years and they know all of us by name including Lucas’ siblings that don’t even go there. I would recommend any family with a special needs child to consider Kids Corp. They have done amazing things for us. We love our Kids Corp staff. They are our miracle.

-The Roberts Family



Grant was born at UAMS at 26 weeks and 5 days. After 4 months and 3 days, he finally came home. It was definitely an adjustment to say the least. We did in home health until he was 9 months old. Then we were finally accepted into the wonderful Kids Corp. Over the past 2 and a half years, Grant has showed a tremendous amount of progress. He has reached so many milestones that seemed to be so far away for him being born so early. The experience at Kids Corp has been exciting to say the least. We have had such amazing care by the staff, therapist, and nurses. I couldn’t imagine Grant anywhere else. I would absolutely recommend Kids Corp to others. It is like joining a bonus family and you will never be disappointed.

-Ashley (Grant’s mom)


Six years ago our family was providing medical needs foster care. We received a phone call to take a 14-month-old baby boy who had a diagnosis of shaken baby syndrome. It took a while to arrange things and make it to where we could take him but in January 2011 Carter came home to our house to live.

Shaken baby syndrome is a blanket diagnosis. Carter was shaken by his bio dad when he was five weeks old. From that very moment his life was changed forever. The life Carter was born to live was gone in an instant because a person who should’ve protected him above all else became angry at Carter for crying and shook him violently. Carter spent about a month in the ICU because of his injuries. Carter lives his life now with global delays in all areas. He has seizures, serious tone issues and muscle spasms, gets 100% of his nutrition through a feeding tube in his abdomen, has autonomic storming, he is legally blind and is 100% dependent on others for every area of his life. All because he was shaken.

If you know Carter you also know he is the sweetest, most precious little boy ever. He lives with pain and suffering every day of his life but has the most contagious smile you’ll ever see. We needed a specialized daycare to take care of Carter while we worked. Carter first started attending Kids For the Future in Rogers. He was able to receive all of his therapies there and get specialized nursing care throughout his day. Carter receives occupational therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy.

One of the nurses at KFF, Rachel, has been with Carter since his first day of attending. She has always given Carter the absolute best nursing care and treats him as good as she would her very own child. Kids For the Future was growing so big that they opened up another medical day care in Fayetteville very close to my house. Carter now attends Kids Corp. We were so lucky that Rachel, the nurse, came to the Fayetteville location to work also. Kids Corp continued to grow and they added another nurse, Coty. Not sure how it is possible but I think Carter has the two best nurses in the entire state of Arkansas. They both provide excellent nursing care, but do it with so much love and compassion and truly love the kids they care for each day at Kids Corp. Carter has the best of both worlds. Excellent nurses and also excellent therapists. Carter has shown excellent progress through the hard work of this therapists at Kids Corp.

They are so nice to keep me informed of how he is doing in therapy and what I can work on at home to help Carter get the most out of the therapy that they are providing. Because of their excellent care, Carter’s daily life is less painful and more productive. He has less muscle spasms and his muscles are not as stiff. Carter has started using a very basic communication device but this is such a huge step for him. It gives us such hope for his future. And for that I can never say thank you enough.

While Carter attended Kids Corp full-time, the therapists had the flexibility of changing his schedule around. If Carter was having an off day, he was not stuck in a time frame of having therapy at a certain time each day. They could rearrange and get Carter when he would benefit the most from his physical, occupational, or speech therapy at that time. How awesome is that? Now, Carter is in public schools in Kindergarten. He still attends Kids Corp for his outpatient therapy. He gets the continuity of his care to continue with therapists who have known him and worked with him for a very long time.

I would highly recommend Kids Corp in Fayetteville to any parent that has a child with special needs requiring specialized nursing care or physical, speech, or occupational therapy. I honestly believe you will be giving your child the best chance possible to see amazing progress and improvement.

-The Fowler Family

    *We adopted Carter and he is a Fowler forever. Shaken baby syndrome is such a huge problem in the United States and around the world. We have made a promise to Carter that we will raise awareness and educate others on Shaken Baby Syndrome in his honor. His suffering should not be in vain. This little boy will never know the impact he has made on so many. But, you can be sure his life has such purpose and is so important. Because of Carter’s Uncle Larry and Aunt Danielle, Arkansas has a law known as “Carter’s Law” in honor of our sweet son. This law raises awareness and educates people in Arkansas about Shaken Baby Syndrome. We also have a Facebook page for Carter.


Before attending Kids Corp, Jackson stayed at home where he received one on one attention constantly because he received therapy at our house. I was afraid to allow anyone else to take care of my child because of his special needs and felt it was my responsibility to help him succeed. When Jackson was 2, I noticed that he was very afraid of other children and constantly relied on me to help him with everything instead of trying to do things on his own. I knew he needed more social interaction and experience with other care takers, but did not know where to go.

He started at Kids Corp when he was almost 3. Jackson’s progress has been remarkable. He started as a reliant and timid child and has blossomed into an extremely independent and social boy. I had no idea that he would thrive so well in an environment surrounded by other children but I believe it pushed him to talk and be able to fit in with those around him. Without Kids Corp I do NOT know how on Earth that Jackson would even be prepared to start kindergarten next fall. Kids Corp has always been extremely helpful and accommodating. The ladies in the office keep me up to date with everything from shots to applications or meetings with therapists. The teachers and staff truly love the children they work with and have created bonds with them that allow the students to thrive and succeed to meet their goals.

I would definitely recommend Kids Corp to another family and have done so many times. Often I find families are afraid that their child’s needs are too great for them to leave home for a school setting. However, I assure them that Kids Corp is not a place that their child will attend and disappear into the crowd, rather they will have multiple teachers, nurses, and therapists daily attending to them and paying a great deal of attention to the improvement of their child’s development.

-Kayleigh (Jackson’s mom)


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